B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. | BLP 500 Animal Crematory

BLP 500 Animal Crematory
Made In The United States Of America

The B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. BLP 500 animal crematory is designed for medium veterinarian facilities.  It is used for individual cremation or a maximum load size of 500 pounds.


U.S Standard

Metric System





Door Opening:

Gas Pressure:

Power Requirements:

Body Weight Capability:

Cremation Rate:

Stack Height From Grade:

Stack Sections:

Chamber Dimensions:

Burner Output:

Air Requirements:

11' - 0"

5' - 6" (6' - 5" with Control Panel)

8' - 0" (8' - 6" with Doorcap)

19,000 lbs

3' - 4" Width x 2' - 3" Height

Natural Gas: 7" W.C.
Propane Gas: 11" W.C.

220 V, Single Phase, 30 AMPS
110 V, Single Phase, 10 AMPS

500 lbs

150 lbs/hr

Minimum 18'

24" O.D.

Length: 77"
Width: 40"
Height: 32"
57 ft³

Afterburner Maximum: 1,000,000 BTU per Hour
Cremation Burner: 500,000 BTU per Hour
Maximum Input Rating: 1,500,000 BTU per Hour
Modulation Minimum: 100,000 BTU per Hour

Outside air inlet louvers in the room located
at or below burner height, capable of passing
2,500 ft³ per minute of free air.

3.35 m

1.68 m (1.96 m with Control Panel)

2.44 m (2.59 m with Doorcap)

8,618.26 kg

1.02 m Width x 0.69 m Height

Natural Gas: 1.74 kPa W.C.
Propane Gas: 2.74 kPa W.C.


226.80 kg

68.04 kg/hr

5.49 m

60.96 cm O.D.

Length: 195.58 cm
Width: 101.60 cm
Height: 81.28 cm
1.61 m³

Afterburner Maximum: 1,055,055.85 kJ per Hour
Cremation Burner: 527,527.93 kJ per Hour
Maximum Input Rating: 1,582,583.78 kJ per Hour
Modulation Minimum: 105,505.59 kJ per Hour

Outside air inlet louvers in the room located
at or below burner height, capable of passing
70.79 m³ per minute of free air.

Features Of The BLP 500 Animal Crematory

CONTROL SYSTEM AND POLLUTION MONITORING - This system constantly monitors the stack gases to prevent visible emissions.  Integrated with the automatic system, this feature enables the unit to make all necessary adjustments automatically.

FULLY-AUTOMATIC CONTROL SEQUENCE - Operation is made simple by the fully-automatic control sequence.  A microprocessor temperature controller with a digital readout ensures optimum control while providing the lowest fuel consumption.  Visual verification of each stage is provided on the control panel.  Operator override is achieved by a turn of a switch for semi-manual control.

HOT HEARTH DESIGN - First introduced by B&L, this design allows for wasted afterburning heat to be recycled through the floor, eliminating fluid problems, lowering fuel consumption, and extending the hearth life.

LOW NOISE - The secondary combustion blower has been manufactured and installed to allow for low noise operation.

MULTI-CHAMBER AIR CONTROLLED DESIGN - The entire combustion process is completed within the air controlled chambers, allowing for 24 hour operation, eliminating burning in the stack, and providing for greater fuel efficiency over excess air designs.

REFRACTORY LINED STACK - A three inch insulating liner is provided as a safety feature.  While gases seldom exceed 1,000 degrees Farenheit, the liner reduces heat penetration under every condition, preventing the possibility of fire.  A ten year warranty is offered on the stack liner.