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If you are in need of or contemplating refractory crematory or incinerator repair or upgrades to your existing cremation equipment, you owe it to yourself to call the professionals for crematory repairs. B&L Cremation Systems services all makes and models of crematories and incinerators human and animal including: Crematory Repair
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Refractory Repairs & Rebuilds

We can offer expert service and advice no matter how big or small your refractory problem may be. We can either send out a team of our refactory technicians for a full rebuild or a bag or two of our High Temperature Refractory for those "do-it-yourself" types to fix an easy patch or crack in a hurry. When it comes to any major repair jobs or even a simple floor cap or patch our Refractory Technicians can get the job done in a timely & cost-effective manner and most importantly making sure the job is done right. All of our Refractory Technicians are trained right here in our manufacturing plant and receive continuing education. Additionaly, our staff are trained to work on all makes and models of crematories and incinerators and can repair any type of refractory problem you might have including:Crematorys RepairCrematory Repair

  • Castable & Brick Ceiling
  • Hearth Floor Patch or Reline
  • 2" Floor Cap
  • Wall Repair or Reline
  • Full or Partial Rebuild
  • Door Repair or Reline
  • Reline Stacks
  • Firebrick and Related Refractory Material Sales


Service & Upgrades

We can service and/or upgrade your current system at your location in many different ways inculding but not limited to: upgrading your flame rods to UV Scanners, adding our 10" Touch Screen Controls, upgrading your Air System, and upgrading to a Stainless Steel front.Crematorys Repair

We can also provide troubleshooting on any combustion equipment over the phone or through our touchscreen ethernet port via the internet. We can also calibrate your unit in order to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize any air pollution.

Crematory / Incinerator Replacement Parts

B&L carries a large line up of crematory parts, accessories, and cremation equipment for all makes and models. Below is a list for some of the parts we carry in stock.
  • Thermocouple 12”, 18” 24”
  • Thermocouple Wire
  • Thermocouple Heads
  • Thermocouple Blocks
  • Ceramic Protection Tube 12”, 18”, 24”
  • Element 12”, 18”, 24”
  • Midco Electrode Assy J121
  • Midco Electrode Assy J122-J83
  • Midco Butterfly Valve
  • Greyspring Air Switch
  • Antunned Air Switch
  • Actuator EMP 423-3
  • MIC 2000
  • Eclipse MVTA82 Burner
    -Spark Ignitor #16927
    -Flame Rod #13093-5
  • Eclipse MVTA104 Burner
    -Spark Ignitor #18193-1
    -Flame Rod #12093-3
  • Eclipse JIB236 Burner
    -Spark Ignitor #16946-6
    -Flame Rod #13093-3
  • Eclipse Thermal Switch
  • Eclipse Flame Relay-Purge
  • Eclipse Flame Relay-No Purge
  • Eclipse UV Relay-No Purge
  • Eclipse UV Scanner
  • Eclipse TJ150 & TJ050
    -Spark Ignitor #16927-1
    -Flame Rod #13312-9
  • Tadpole Gasket
  • Transformer Ignition
  • Honeywell Relay #R890
  • Honeywell Damper Motor
  • Mini Peeper
  • Cool Down Timer
  • Peepsite
  • Light Module 24V
  • Light Bulbs
  • 2 & 3 Position Switches
  • Bulb Replacement Tool
  • 110 V Fuses FNQ-15 AMPS
  • Battery Charger
  • Ignition WireCrematorys Repair

  • If you would like to purchase any of these products online you can contact us at 1-800-622-5411 to talk to one of our crematory service technician for any troubleshooting problems or one of our refactory salesmen for a quote for any minor or major crematory / incinerator repairs or problems.