“B&L Cremation Systems Inc. designs and engineers cremation and incineration equipment that not only meet today’s standards but are equipped to handle what we can expect tomorrow.” Dr. Steve Looker

All of the cremation and incineration systems manufacturing by B&L Cremation Systems Inc. are multiple chambered designs. The primary chamber is used to house the remains during cremation, while the secondary chamber is used to clean the emissions produced by the cremation process. The cremation process due to the larger volume of moisture contained within human and animal remains (85%) are largely an evaporation process.

Our systems have been environmentally tested in a number of states by independent laboratories and have shown to be up to 10 times lower in criteria pollutants than most current date standards. All of our systems can operate between 1400° to 2000° Fahrenheit with up to 3 seconds retention time although typically 1600 degrees °F at one second is acceptable.

Our crematories and incinerators incorporate a visible emission monitoring system but can be fitted with CEM’s (continuous emission monitoring) where required. Our fully automatic control system helps prevent operator error, and keep our systems the lowest in fuel consumption.